International Experience
Worked for Philips in Eindhoven, Netherlands
A number of Mainland China Consulting Clients

Hands-On Operating Management Experience:

  • Product Marketing Manager - REEVES INSTRUMENT CORP.
  • President and COO - AMR INTERNATIONAL, INC.

Partial List of B2B Consulting Clients:

  • CONNSAVE - Quasi Government Consortium
  • DRAKE BEAM MORIN - Worldwide Human Resources Information Services
  • POPSX - Online Marketing Systems
  • SERVICE CHANNEL- Online CRM Application
  • EAST COAST INTERNATIONAL INC. (TIRE Distributor) - Manufacturing - China

Business Plan Management Consultant

Business Plan Management Consultant

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Bernard C. Steiner is an independent Business to Business (B2B) Planning Consultant specializing in creating and writing Strategic Business and Marketing Plans for clients.  He has over 30 years as a "hands-on" Operating Manager and as a B2B Business and Marketing Planning Consultant.  Bernard holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering (BEE) and a Masters in Marketing -MBA
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