a mid - sized electric and electronic cable and connector systems manufacturer and distributor-China (Mainland)

QSE is a medium size manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic cables and connector systems and components, located in Shandong Province, China.
The President of the business requested that I identify potential strategic partners in North America which could generate additional business for his large, but under-utilized production facilities.

My client successfully achieved his objectives of identifying strategic partners for his core business areas and in evaluating his strategic development. 

Business Plan Client Case Study

Business Plan Client Case Study

I developed a Marketing Plan which identified the most desirable potential partners for QSE reflecting their client-defined criteria (i.e. product/market matrices, distribution channels, end-  user applications, etc).

While developing this Plan, I also identified another significant opportunity for them to utilize their excess production capabilities.

I observed that with all the economic, social and cultural changes occurring in a rapidly developing China, there would be an excellent opportunity for my client to become involved, at low cost, in the recreational water vehicle business.  I determined that the market for low-end recreational water vehicles (sail, canoe, kayaks, boats, etc.) would be significant particularly after a PR boost from the 2008 Summer Olympics. 

My client asked me to further investigate this market opportunity  Although not integral to his present core business, he could meet his manufacturing interests. I identified major suppliers of recreational water vehicles in U.S. and arranged meetings with them around the U.S. for awaiting  my clients arrival from China.  I accompanied him on this nationwide trip and was able to ease any cultural and communications issues.

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