A mid- sized energy conservation and retrofit consulting firm

The President and CEO advised me that their Investment Banking firm required that they develop a Strategic Business and Marketing Plan before a proposed merger could be consummated;-and that the Plan was to be completed in 3 weeks or the merger would be canceled.

When completed on time, the plan was submitted to their Investment Bank which promptly enabled the merger.

Business Plan Client Case Study

Business Plan Client Case Study

    Once I aided senior management in redefining their Business Mission Statement, I trained the entire management team in the Business Planning Process. Given the stringent time    constraints I worked with each of the functional departments developing their collaborative input to the overall plan (i.e. identification of new market/product and service opportunities, determination of viable new industrial market segments, etc.)

After the Strategies and Tactics were generated in support of the business and marketing     objectives, the financial operation was able to prepare the necessary revenue, cost and profit forecasts.
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