a Multi - Division, Investor-Owned, Energy Distribution Holding Company. 

Their President and CEO requested that I help them develop their first formalized Strategic Business Plan. He approached me after I had completed a similar project for another Connecticut-based Holding Company.
They wanted to focus on expanding their total distribution capability from exploration to industrial distribution; open up new markets and applications for their line of commodity products. CEC was then an old-line organization fraught with "traditional" ways of doing business (a good deal of the "not invented here" attitude) and of course, a reluctance to change  Fortunately, the President, a man of extreme vision, dedication, patience with a "can do" spirit, fully committed his office to developing and implementing the planning process I recommended.

The Business Plan when completed was submitted to the appropriate regulatory authorities and provided the planning model for years at CEC.

Business Plan Client Case Study

Business Plan Client Case Study

I organized and  presented a one-day management training session to their top 75 senior managers on the Business Planning Process.  In addition, the President published a Planning document based on my Planning Process which outlined and reinforced his personal commitment to the Strategic Planning effort. 

In conjunction with the senior Executive Committee and CEC's Board of Directors, - I enabled them to create a strategic Mission Statement, corporate objectives and strategies which provided the basic direction for each of the Unit Managers for their sub-plans.
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